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How to watch The Indian Queen

Now available on Amazon and Apple TV

You can now enjoy The Indian Queen on Apple TV/iTunes and Amazon Prime. Rent or buy, the full feature-length documentary can be enjoyed on your TV or any connected device in the UK and USA/Canada, and all profits still go to Goonj!

Watch the Indian Queen on iTunes and Amazon

Watch the Indian Queen Documentary on Amazon and Apple TV


The ideal gift for any car nut or adventure traveller! 73-year old English couple Alan and Pat Braithwaite set off on an exhilarating 5600 km adventure across India in a plucky little Morgan 3 Wheeler sports car. Their aim is to raise £200,000 for an Indian NGO called Goonj, and to explore the human side of economic aid, Indian stye. It did not go smoothly!

Regions: ALL

Format: PAL

Length: 104 mins

Alan Braithwaite and the Morgan Three-Wheeler

Watch on Vimeo

For those who prefer to watch the Indian Queen from anywhere in the world without restriction – including India – there is always Vimeo! While we’re not available in some countries on Amazon and Apple for the moment, our Vimeo version is completely unrestricted. Also with Hindi subtitles.