Sadly oue ingenuity was not quite ingenious enough so it's a towrope half way from Agra to Delhi and then we're again the hands of customs and those helpful people @DHL_India to expedite the parts from @morganmotor
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Follow the Challenge!

You can now track our progress – live! Use the map on the right to follow the Trans-India Challenge Morgan 3 Wheeler across India on it’s epic journey from Mumbai to Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and back to Mumbai. Move your map to India and look for the red icon. To see the full route each day, click on the menu bars top left of map and click on the history button.

Leg 1

1st Feb, Mumbai – Pune: 148kms
2nd Feb, Pune – Solapur: 254kms
3rd Feb, Solapur – Hyderabad: 313kms
4th Feb, Rest Day, Hyderabad
5th Feb, Hyderabad – Kamman: 194kms
6th Feb, Kamman – Rajahmundry: 207kms
7th Feb, Rajahmundry – Visakhapatnam: 191kms
8th Feb, Visakhapatnam – Gopalpur: 288kms

Listen to the Podcast!

During the Challenge we’ll be providing regular updates on our Podcast. Click the link below or search for Trans-India Challenge on Spotify, Google podcasts, Radio Republic and more.

Alan Braithwaite and the Morgan Three-Wheeler


While India is gradually winning the battle against extreme financial poverty, there are still more than 61 million people that fall into that category. Is the model of global charity – the language of donors and beneficiaries – failing the very people it is designed to help? Meanwhile, as India’s growing urban population discards millions of tons of ‘useable’ waste daily, rural communities face economic hardship. The TransIndia Challenge aims to shine a light on a new way of doing things; a model which helps rural communities make a difference to their own lives while retaining their dignity.  A ‘circular economy’ that gives a hand-up, not a hand-out.

Alan Braithwaite and the Morgan Three-Wheeler

The Challenge

In February 2020, retired businessman Alan Braithwaite, and his wife Pat, will drive 5,600 Km in 34 days across India and back in a Morgan three-wheeler. The aim is to raise £200,000 for Goonj, an award-winning, India-based voluntary organisation which turns urban surplus into a powerful resource that rewards self-development of rural communities. The money will also fund academic research into the benefits of a ‘circular economy’ to communities in India and beyond.

Alan Braithwaite and the Morgan Three-Wheeler

Why Not Join Us?

You too can be part of the Trans-India Challenge. To find out more, spend a few moments watching the presentation opposite.

The Morgan Three-Wheeler

Possibly the most unlikely vehicle to choose for a 5,600km (3,500 mile) trip around India, this is the Trans-India Challenge Morgan 3-Wheeler.