The Route

The Route

34 Days Around India

  • One charity
  • Two drivers
  • Four major cities
  • 34 days
  • 3,500 miles

The Trans-India challenge is just that: challenging! Driving their Morgan 3-Wheeler on roads in India’s congested cities, busy highways and bumpy rural roads, Alan and Pat Braithwaite aim to complete a 5,600km (3,500 mile) circuit of India.

As a logistics specialist, Alan understands just how complicated this journey will be, from shipping the car to Mumbai, to ensuring detailed route plans, parts, food, accommodation and support resources are all in place before the Challenge starts.

This daunting trip will be supported by a small team of mechanical, endurance driving, medical and video/media specialists.

Mumbai – Hyderabad – Kolkata – New Delhi – Mumbai


Starting at Goonj Headquarters in Mumbai, the Trans-India Challenge Team plans to head East to the first stop in Hyderabad and then on to the coastal city of Vishakapatnam before following the Bay of Bengal all the way North to Kolkata, the second major halt for a chance to rest and regroup.

The Challenge then tracks North towards stop number three, through Patna and Lucknow to New Delhi.  From there it’s a final leg travelling South West, via Jaipur and Ahmedabad to return to Mumbai some 21 days after leaving the City.

Along the way, the Team will be stopping at towns and rural communities that have benefitted from Goonj’s work and become self-sufficient as part of India’s ‘circular economy’.