The Challenge

An Extraordinary Challenge

The Challenge

  • One car
  • Two drivers
  • Three wheels
  • 3,500 miles
  • £200,000 to raise

The Trans-India Challenge Story

It started innocently enough: a drive through the Central-Western state of Karnatake in India during a holiday in December 2017. While enjoying the stunning scenery and the kindness of people in the towns and villages, Alan and Pat Braithwaite were also affected by the poverty the saw as they travelled – sometimes in stark contrast to India’s major cities.

With a lifetime passion for cars, more than 40 years’ experience in engineering and logistics, and a desire to create a more environmentally sustainable world, Alan started to form an idea. Would it be possible to raise funds, by driving across India, to help local become stronger and more resilient possibly through the development of a ‘circular economy’? The answer was “yes” and there was one major charity in India already making the ‘circular economy’ a reality: Goonj. The Trans-India Challenge was born.

What happened next?

Just two weeks after returning from India – the country where his Grandparents were married, his mother was born and his parents also married – Alan started putting his ideas into action. He contacted Goonj and, after due diligence, agreed to make the organisation the charitable partner for the Challenge.

As an academic, Alan also set about finding a University and specialists to research the waste generated by India’s cities and the benefits a ‘circular economy’ could bring to local communities.

He also decided on the Challenge car. Already the proud owner of a Morgan 4-seater Roadster, and wanting to make the event a true challenge, Alan chose a Morgan 3-Wheeler. Powered by a 2-litre S&S motorcycle engine – the type used in Harley Davidsons – and with room for just one passenger, the open-top car faces a 3,500 mile journey around India in February/March 2020.

Finally, he set a fundraising target: £200,000 which will be split 80:20 between Goonj and the research project.

And then…

Find out the latest project updates on the Trans-India Challenge news page.