Join The Trans-India Challenge!

Join The Trans-India Challenge!

Our Global Giving page is now up and running, which means you can now support Alan and Pat in their drive across India to raise £200,000 for Goonj.

All the money donated goes directly to Goonj to support their work with local communities in In

dia, helping them to turn urban discard into valuable products. It’s all part of a sustainable and environmentally friendly ‘circular economy’ that helps to generate economic development in rural areas.

Goonj is establishing a mechanism & culture of sustained giving in urban India for vast stocks of everyday necessities; from clothes to medicines, lying as idle surplus in urban homes to pass to villages with dignity. The goal is to create environmentally sustainable urban communities while reducing the environmental waste in the process.

Most, but not all, of the funds the Trans-India Challenge will be raising will come from corporate sponsorship and support, but you can now join the challenge and support an important cause. Help make a difference with a donation, no matter how small, today!

To support Alan and Pat in the Trans-India Challenge, click here now!